Frameless glass pool fencing at a great price

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane

Safe, stylish, sleek and, quite simply, stunning. From just $300 per linear metre (installed) frameless glass is the ultimate in pool fencing.

With thousands of projects completed across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you can be assured we are experts in glass pool fencing.

Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Fully installed from only $300 per linear metre.

Guaranteed to impress, our frameless glass pool fencing is a modular designed system that has been engineered and designed to meet all Australian Standards. Every component of the fencing system has been tested to comply with the relevant pool safety laws.

The safety of the glass fencing is combined with sheer beauty and elegance to offer the ultimate in pool fencing. It will transform any established home’s pool area and compliment any new development project. Please view our frameless pool fencing gallery for just a few examples of our pool fencing installations.

All of our frameless glass pool fencing panels are Grade A, 12mm thick, toughened glass with flat polished edges and 2mm radius corners.

We stock glass panel widths from 100mm to 1800mm in length (in 50mm increments) and this glass range is available immediately, ensuring there are never any installation delays for both residential and commercial projects.

We are also able to custom make the glass to suit most landscapes and sizes as long as it is within the product engineering design limitations and complies to building codes and Australian Standards.

We only use the best materials

We offer premium and value ranges of all our fencing components not only to suit all budgets and installations but to provide you with a wide range of choice to create a truly unique and personal pool fence design.


Australian Standards Toughened Glass
Our toughened glass panels are stamped with a small logo confirming the Australian Standard Licence Number to ensure safety and piece of mind. Frameless 12mm Glass panels are stocked in over 20 different sizes and can be completely custom made to slope or step over any obstacle along the fence line to ensure the safety and aesthetics of your pool enclosure.


Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Posts (Spigots)
The premium range is balustrade-compliant made from 2205 stainless steel to ensure longer life and structural integrity. The value range is manufactured using investment casting technology. Both ranges are high quality marine grade 2205 stainless steel and are available in round and square profiles for core-drilled and base-plated applications.


Glass Gates

Glass Gates
The value range of glass gates are 8mm Grade A glass suitable for spring hinge panels and stainless steel posts. All are available in 25mm increments from 700mm to 1000mm. The premium range hydraulic soft-close gates are 12mm toughened glass that range in size from 800mm to 1000mm in 50mm increments.


Hinged Panels Hinged Panels
The value range of hinge panels are 12mm Grade A toughened glass in sizes ranging from 1000mm to 1700mm for use with spring hinges. The premium range use soft-closing glass-mounted oil-dampened springs to provide a premium experience. Again, we stock all sizes from 1000mm to 1700mm.


Gate Hardware Gate Hardware
We stock a full range of gate hardware to complement our entire glass pool fence product suite. Our hinges and latches utilise the renowned safety and engineering of D&D Technologies’ Magna Latch and Lockable Magna Latch. We also offer soft-closing hydraulic hinges.

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