Pool Fence Regulations

The recent introductions of new pool safety laws in Queensland are designed to enhance the effectiveness of pool fencing. The changes in regulations affect homeowners with existing pools and those intending to construct a new pool.

The new pool safety laws will replace the existing 11 pool safety standards, streamlining them into a cleaner regulatory code. The Pool Fence Regulations are:

  • Pools must now display an Australian approved CPR first-aid instruction chart in a prominent place
  • The phasing out and replacement of self-closing and self-latching doors previously used as pool barriers
  • Trimming of tree branches that could be used to enter the pool area
  • There can be no gap greater than 100mm
  • Ensuring the pool safety barrier measures 1200mm in height

Pool Fence Regulations

Homeowners that intend to sell or lease their property with an existing swimming pool must abide by the new pool fencing regulations as per the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.4.

Pool owners had until 30th November 2015 to comply with the new pool safety laws.

Owners Selling or Leasing a Property with a Pool

Owners planning on selling or leasing a property with a non-shared pool must first obtain a QLD Pool Safety Certificate issued by a licensed pool safety inspector. A landlord must present this certificate before a lease agreement is signed. If selling the property, the certificate must be presented before settlement. If a certificate is unavailable, the seller may obtain a ‘Form 36 Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate’ when negotiating the sale. This form places the onus on the buyer to produce a Pool Safety Certificate within 90 days of purchasing the property and the acceptance of all associated costs.

Owners or buyers of properties with pools can check to see if the pool has been registered with the QLD Pool Safety Register. This register lists all pools that hold current Pool Safety Certificates alongside a current list of approved pool safety inspectors.

Renovating/Upgrading Your Pool Area

Whether you are purchasing a new home with a ‘Form 36 Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate’ or you are an existing pool owner who needs to upgrade your current pool fencing to meet the new regulations, or you simply wish to modernise your pool area, Aqua Vista Glass can help.

We sell only the highest quality glass pool fencing, that not only meets all new Qld pool safety laws, but also looks fantastic to boot! Glass pool fencing has distinct advantages over aluminium railing fencing, as there are no gaps that can act as hand holds, and is extremely tough and durable.

Glass pool fencing is also aesthetically pleasing and will enhance your home’s beauty by not obstructing your views. Our in-house team of experienced designers and installers can have your new pool fence installed in no time at all; allowing you to enjoy the quality and peace of mind only an Aqua Vista Glass pool fence can deliver.