Brand New Glass Pool Fence and Balustrade

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This project in Brookfield, Brisbane, is a solution to our clients’ standard dilemma: how to add critical safety to their pool without disrupting their view or the appearance of their home’s architecture and landscape design. In this case, the clients opted for a new frameless pool fence and balustrade for their home in Brookfield. We worked with the owner prior to the pool’s construction to get a design and look they were delighted with. The glass pool fencing and metal fittings complement the ultra-modern architecture of the home, and where it runs along the edge of the pool, it is practically invisible.

This home has a large patio area that was designed with entertaining in mind. Our frameless fence provides the perfect security barrier to the pool while continuing the minimalist design of the home. Despite being almost invisible, the fence is extremely durable, as it is built with our toughened security glass. Our polished metal standoffs keep the glass firmly in place. To find out what this level of security and elegance costs, ask us for a free quote.