Why Glass Balustrades Aren't Just for Modern Homes

Why Glass Balustrades Aren't Just for Modern Homes

Many people think of sleek, modern homes when they think of glass fixtures like balustrades. It is true that glass is a very modern look. However, a glass balustrade doesn't have to just be a fixture for a modern home. Glass can be equally elegant and appropriate in an older home, as well. The one thing to remember when considering adding a glass balustrade to a modern home or an older one is whether it is a smart decision for you. To determine this, you should take aesthetics, pricing, safety regulations for your area, and the durability of the glass into consideration.

Durability is particularly important when you have children and/or pets in the home, as you want the glass balustrade to be safe for them. When you work with Aqua Vista Glass, you will always have toughened glass used on your balustrade, and it conforms to all building codes and safety regulations in Australia, so there are no concerns with safety.

If you have an older home and love the look of glass balustrades, don't assume you can't have one because it won't fit in with the historical look of the place. Whether your home is ultra-modern or older (or even historic), you can easily incorporate a glass balustrade with some careful planning. Regardless of the type of home they are installed in, glass balustrades give a house a light and lovely look.

The magic in creating this look is that glass doesn't block light from flowing freely through any room, or from one side of the house to the other. Your whole home can look light and bright with a glass balustrade. This can bring some much-needed cheeriness to an otherwise dark and foreboding older home. You may be allowing light to reach places that haven't seen it in decades when you install a glass balustrade in your home.

A good designer can incorporate a glass balustrade into a home of any age and make it look like it belongs there. Talk to one of the consultants at Aqua Vista Glass to discuss your home's look, and how a glass balustrade can fit in and enhance it. They are experts and can get you the lovely glass look you want in any type of home. Even if your house is historic, the right design plan can include a glass balustrade that looks like it came with the place when it was new and conform to regulation.

At Aqua Vista Glass, you will find the highest quality glass balustrades in Brisbane. You will also find the largest variety, with everything from traditional, semi-framed, and frameless glass balustrades being available. All glass panels are stamped to show they conform to Australia's building codes, and are unmatched when it comes to safety. The glass will be virtually unbreakable, even with the most rambunctious kids playing near it or the strongest storms blowing around it. Call Aqua Vista Glass today to get started on the glass balustrade of your dreams.