Our People

Matthew SomersMatthew Somers, Managing Director.

Matthew is one of the first people you are likely to meet from the Aqua Vista Glass team.  Matthew attends all onsite consultations and has done for the last 9 years at Aqua Vista Glass.  That means when it comes to glass, he's a walking library of knowledge, ideas and inspiration.


JoAnne Willoughby, Administration.
When your job is complete JoAnne will ensure you have all the paperwork you need to complete your warranty and certification process. JoAnne is always on top of the Aqua Vista office to ensure our projects keep moving quickly and efficiently.


Joe Lahey, Administration.
Joe is responsible for managing all the bookings for the Aqua Vista Glass sales and installation team.  He is our chief of organisation, a role he excels at! Joe will probably contact you during the course of your project to keep you up to date and informed.


Installation Team.
The Aqua Vista Glass team are all employed directly by us. We don't use contractors to carry out our installation work. You'll find our installation team to be the exemplary professionals – tidy, polite and exceptional at their trade.   And… they are a camera shy bunch!