Who are we?

Aqua Vista Glass is an Australian owned and operated company that services all South East Queensland, including Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Toowoomba and regional areas. We’ve been around for nearly a decade, and have completed over 6000 installations, with products tested to all Australian standards.

Quoting process

Our team will reach out to confirm your important details, and check to see which times are suitable for on-site catch up to confirm a suitable time for all involved.

We’ll always attempt to get in contact within 24 hours. If you contact us on the weekend, we’ll be in touch the next business day.

We can do both. When quoting from a plan, a site measure is always required to finalise your quotation. When we do come to site, it will also allow us to give you some ideas and suggestions regarding your project.

The more information the better. A clear plan is a big help, and elevations are good too. If you can let us know what sort of product you would like, as well as your budget, we’ll tailor the quotation to your situation. We will always try to turn these quotes around within 2 working days.

Even if we have quoted off plans, we do need to attend site. A quotation cannot be finalised without a site visit.

We generally get to the site within 72 hours. Peak season can often be busier and could extend out our timeframe, so the more notice you give us, the better.

It’s free of charge.

We work Monday to Friday. Times are generally available between 8:00am and 4:00pm

We recommend allowing 30 minutes. When we book in the quotation, we’ll provide a suggested arrival window of 30 minutes. So, all up, best to allow an hour.

We prefer that all decision makers are present. Other trades can also be there, but this is not a necessity.

No, we do not, we will take all the detail from site and prepare a complete quote back at the office. We will always strive to have this back to you within 72 hours. Due to demand, peak season can make this a little longer.

This is ok and certainly common., please do not be embarrassed by asking for such a thing, we understand that it can take time for final decisions to be made.

We recommend our product page. However, if there is something that you cannot see online, let us know and we’ll do our best to source the information you need.

If you want to touch and feel the product, you can visit our showroom between 8am and 4pm, daily. If possible, please call ahead of your visit. We want to ensure someone is available to help you.

As we have such a large selection, bringing samples of all the products is simply not possible.

Complete our order form. Please double check the details on your quotation, including the drawing.

  1. Complete the acceptance form (back of your quotation), remember if you want Enduroshield, tick the correct box and return via email or fax
  2. Call the office on 3861 9977 and finalise a deposit over the phone.

You can pay via EFT (electronic transfer), credit card or cheque. If you do pay via credit card both VISA and Mastercard attract zero surcharge. We do accept AMEX, a surcharge of 2% applied.

The more information, the better. Please add any other trade contacts that we are working with. Also, if you are working towards a completion date, please let us know.

Yes we do charge a deposit of 10%, this allows us to schedule your works and pick your standard product off our shelves.

Once the deposit is paid, your price for what is quoted will not change. Costs may only change if there are variations to the accepted quotation.


As a general rule, we work on a 2 week lead time. This can vary at different times of the year. Peak season can extend this out to 4 weeks. We always recommend, the more notice the better.

If applicable, we contact the other trades and we will confirm our schedule. This can generally take us 72 hours. Once we have all this information on hand, we can look to schedule your work. We will always do our best to meet your schedule and timeline but from time-to-time, this may not be possible.

Monday to Friday. When and if possible, we can work Saturdays to meet your timeline, but please be aware surcharges apply. If you need something done on a Saturday, please contact your sales person or our admin team.

Not necessarily. As a rule we install around 15lm of pool fencing and 8lm of balustrade in a single day. This does not include any preparation works, like installation of timber noggins, earthing preparations, or custom glass templates. We will ensure we discuss the process with you before we begin.

Yes, it will. With timelines, please do allow an extra few days. We do need to attend site prior to installation, and then we then coat your glass in our factory. This will generally be done within 72 hours from our site visit.

There are a few different scenarios here. If it’s for a staircase, yes, we would measure this glass before installation. We template these panels with 3mm plywood.
If it’s a pool fence, the general rule is the standard items need to be installed prior to the custom glass being measured. This will ensure we can have the glass heights line up.

Custom glass and aluminium takes around 10 days to be manufactured, this could be longer in peak periods. Once we have an ETA on the custom product, we will be in touch to let you know our expected return date.


This can vary from project to project. As a rule, we install 8lm of balustrade and 15lm of pool fencing in a day. Templating glass takes a little longer, and custom glass also adds to the overall install time and process.

This depends on your project. Generally, at most there will be two visits. However, if you have a custom product, it could be as many as 3 or 4.

This is not a problem. Our installation staff will re-confirm your final layout prior to installation. If there are changes and your price is affected, we will issue a variation form. Work cannot continue until the variation form is approved.

Electrical earthing is required to metal objects larger than 100mm in any dimension within 1250mm of water.
A 6mm earth wire is used in all applications, in line with ASNZS 3000.

If it’s a new pool and on concrete, we need to run earthing preparation prior to tiling completion. If it’s on a timber deck, we can generally run wires on the day.
We can run wires to each spigot, but a licensed electrician will need to run any such tail or wires to a bond point. Unless noted, this is NOT included in your quotation.

If it’s an existing pool, please speak to your sales person directly about this.

If electrical earthing is not included, it will be noted on your quotation.

Houston we have a problem, but not a major one. We do not recommend installing individual pads, if you want to take this route we cannot help you. We will only install on a concrete base or a full concrete strip.

Your concrete strip should be a minimum of 200mm wide and 400-600mm deep, ideally it has piers every few meters, this will help with long term stability.

The strip can be installed under pavers or you could make this completely seen and somewhat of a feature. Any questions, please speak with your sales person.

We core drill through your tiles/pavers into your concrete base. We generally core drill 100-120mm. We never bolt down to concrete as core drilling will provide superior strength.

Generally, this is a non-event, but if someone else has not kept up their end of the bargain, we could hit something. This is not AVG’s responsibility.

The more information you can give us the better. We can adjust our installation accordingly.

As a rule, all services should be well below this measurement, if so it will be fine.

We use a non-shrink Epirez grout, it generally sets within 30 mins.

Using such a grout will ensure a long-term solution, there are cheaper versions on the market but nothing is superior than Epirez.

The installers will use kettles in the winter months to speed up this process.

Always best we core drill first. If we core a brand-new stencil, it can sometimes want to ‘pull up’.

We spend big on tools to ensure the chance of this is limited. We only use Hilti core drills, the BMW of core drills.

Generally, the only time we can have issues is when the tiler has used insufficient glue when installing your tiles. Again, AVG is not responsible for such breakages.

We always recommend grouting be completed prior to drilling. Again, this will have limited the possibility of breakages.

We can, depending on your deck construction, we may need to add timber support noggins. If so, this will be noted as an inclusion.

If the builder is constructing a new deck, we can discuss the requirements with them to ensure such works are completed prior to the deck being finished.

All our base plates are fixed down with 4 x M10 x 75mm 316 coach screws. This will ensure you have a very stable product and your fixings will not deteriorate over time. We will not compromise on the quality of the fixings.

Old does not mean no good. Generally, we find things built many years ago are of a great standard, and stand the test of time better than new building practices.

When quoting, we will always look and advise you of any issues. However, some issues cannot be seen until we possibly remove your old balustrade.

If we find issues once this is done, we will be sure to fully explain the issue. If extra work is required, a variation will be applicable.

Highly unlikely we will. It’s never the best idea to alter your fence design to do this. It will be very noticeable upon completion. We can fill old holes or you can have the tiles/decking replaced. If we have allowed for rectification, it will be noted on your quotation.

We can, we have qualified carpenters on staff.

If possible, this would be our recommendation. It would be much easier to complete prior to the installation of our balustrade. Our installers know how to take care around recently stained decks.

If possible, this would be our recommendation. It would be much easier to complete prior to the installation of our balustrade. Our installers know how to take care around recently stained decks.

Other trades can be on site at the same time, but we do need our working area free and clear of others.

We also need access to sufficient water and power supply.

After confirming installation dates, if we arrive on site and any of the above are not possible, variation costs may be applicable.

Depending on your project, this may not be possible.

Please check with your sales person regarding this. If it’s been quoted for full installation on either a full day and/or consecutive days then variation costs may be applicable.

Domestically, only if you are looking to sell or rent your property. Any such certification only lasts for two years. Commercial (unit complex), yes this is a must, annually inspections are mandatory.

By law, we cannot certify our own pool fence installations. In saying that, we take pride in our installations and will ensure our part of the deal is to code. Boundary fences are outside of this deal, unless otherwise noted on your quotation.

Speak with your sales person as they can recommend a certifier to your local area. Alternatively, we can organise both pre-and final inspections, variation costs apply.

Yes and no.

Fiberglass: the pool company will generally have a temp fence in place whilst they install your pool. The pool will be filled prior to our installation.

Concrete: a certified fence is required prior the pool company fill your pool

Unless otherwise noted on your quotation, this is not included. At your request, we can however include this, additional costs apply.

If your pool will be without a fence for several days, then we would also recommend you do. In saying that, it’s your decision, unless noted, this is not included in your quotation.

We offer a 7 year warranty on our product and installations, the only we can warrant is the installation of the substrates by others. If a concrete slab drops or the timber decking fails due to a bad tradesman ship, we cannot be held accountable. At the time of quoting, if we see a potential issue, we will let you know.

Aqua Vista Glass can organise temporary fencing or we can supply a direct contact.

Yes we can, if it’s allowed for it will be noted on your quotation. If you want to keep the old product, please let us know at the time of quotation, otherwise we will remove it from site and recycle the old product.


As a rule, the majority of installations are with 12mm glass. Pool fence gates are generally 8mm. On the rare occasion, we can also use 10mm glass, only when it’s framed.

Our standard panels are manufactured overseas, all to Australian standards. We also purchase custom made panels locally.

We only used manufactures who adhere to the Australian standards, we also test all our products., independently tested. We only use A grade toughened safety glass. All our standard balustrade panels are heat soaked too.

We test both individual products and the product in situ. All our testing is completed here in Australia, with independent engineers. Everything we use and install has been tested, we do not compromise on this. We can supply all testing reports, just ask your sales person.

All spigots used are 2205 grade. Other products are a minimum of 316 Marine grade stainless. We batch test all of our products.

Not necessarily. We offer such gates, but it’s not a must. We have supplied thousands of 8mm gates. They work perfectly fine and meet the Australian Standards for safety.

Again, there is no safety concern with this.

No it won’t, our panels can withstand over a 200kg force. The corners on the glass are the most vulnerable part, so be careful of these.

No. Once the glass has been toughened, it cannot be cut or modified.

No, all edges are flat polished and all corners are tipped. This deletes all sharp edges.

We only use D&D Technology, they all come with a lifetime warranty. Our standard latch is key lockable

Yes, we can adjust the tension on the gates, it will always be set to ensure pool certification.

We recommend you do not ‘chock’ the gate open, this will cause the hinges to stretch and they will need to be re-tensioned

4 fixings per base plate. Into timber, we use M10 75mm 316 grade stainless steel coach screws. Into Tiles/Fdc sheet, we use a special Hilti Fixing.

We do not compromise on this; the quality of our fixing is paramount.

We recommend asking other providers what they are using, you want to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples.

To meet the Australian Standards, when glass is protecting a fall that is greater than a 1000mm, a handrail is required. Likewise, on stairs, a handrail is necessary.

We currently offer 3 types, you can also use timber handrails in some cases. Speak with your sales representative about your options. Your handrail can be installed on top of the glass or on the inside.

If you clean the products regularly, salt water will not cause issues with the product.

Enduroshield can help protect your glass, we certainly recommend this.

Warm soapy water is best to clean down both the glass and stainless steel.

Enduroshield protective coating is chemically bonded to the glass so it will not rub off. The glass protection product does not change the appearance or clarity of the glass and is not affected by long term exposure to heat or UV light.

When we apply the product in house, it comes complete with a 10-year on site warranty. Upon completion, we will send you a care pack. If you follow this, it will certainly last.

We will also send out a unique Enduroshield code. Once received, simply log in online and input your details. The warranty is then activated. Please note, for any warranty claim you must provide your warranty certificate and a copy of your invoice.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The best time to clean your fence is in the morning or late afternoon, when the glass is cool and not in the sun.

Hose down the glass with clean water. Use a sponge or soft brush/broom to apply a gentle soap (such as dishwashing liquid) and water on the glass, just like you would when washing the car. Remove the soap suds by simply hosing it down with good clean water and leave to air dry.

Avoid glass cleaners as they leave residues on your glass fence/balustrade. Especially do not use bleach based cleaners.

If your fence or balustrade has already been treated with Enduroshield, please refer to the care instructions.

Both painted and anodised finished surfaces should be regularly washed down with clean water to maintain their appearance.

Aluminium framed balustrade or pool fencing should be washed whenever the glass is cleaned for maximum effect

The frequency of washing is determined by the desired appearance of the structure, and the local environment, but should occur at least every 6 months.

If your rail or post is powder coated and it has a stubborn stain, manufacturers recommend that you use methyl-based mineral spirits or mineral-based turpentine to avoid damaging the power coating.

Operating hardware such as locks and hinges should be checked for tightness of fixing screws, and lubricated 6 monthly to ensure they continue to work.

WD-40 is a recommended lubricant to use.

Areas close to the sea will require more regular lubrication for hinges and locks.

Stainless steel is easy to clean. Washing with soap or a mild detergent and warm water followed by a clean water rinse is usually adequate. Rain is also an effective cleaner.

Any items that are not washed by rain water may need more frequent cleaning. Any enhanced appearance will be achieved if the clean surface is wiped dry.

We recommend cleaning the stainless steel when it is dirty to restore its original appearance. Avoid dirt build up as this may become more difficult to remove over time.

A rule of thumb for exterior applications is to clean the stainless steel whenever the glass needs cleaning.

  • Clean Inland – 6-12 months
  • Polluted Urban or Industrial – 6-12 months
  • Coastal/Marine (not-splashed) – 3-6 months
  • Stubborn stains, please refer to your customer care guide for more information.

If so you must ensure acid does not come into contact with the glass or stainless steel. If so, all warranty would be null and void.

Referral Program

Our customers often refer their friends and family to us. To show our thanks for the referrals, we will give you and your referee $50.

We know that satisfied customers are among our greatest assets. As most of our new business comes from recommendations, we have developed a referral program to reward you for spreading the word of our superior level of quality, service, and value.

To be part of our referral program all you need to do is tell your friends and family about Aqua Vista Glass.

If someone referred by you chooses us for their glass pool fencing or balustrade installation we will send you a $50 visa gift card on the completion of your friend of family members new pool fence/balustrade.

Make sure you let your family and friends know to mention your name when they contact us so we know who to send the gift card to. The person you refer will also receive a $50 visa gift card on completion.

We also encourage you to leave positive comments on our Facebook page and Google about your experience with us or you can email a testimonial to [email protected].

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