3 Reasons Why You Need A Glass Balustrade For Your Balcony

3 September 2015

These days, glass balustrades are becoming an increasingly popular option for stair, deck and balcony railings. They add a wonderful modern flare to any space while also affording many advantages—especially compared to traditional wooden and metal railings. Fortunately, if you’re interested in having a glass balustrade installed on your existing balcony, a new balcony, or anywhere else on your property, Aqua Vista Glass has the materials and expertise to make it happen.

A Better View

One of the greatest advantages to having frameless glass balustrades adorning your balcony is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy a better view. Rather than having your view obstructed by a traditional railing, the frameless glass will provide you with a crystal clear view that you can truly enjoy. Not to mention, it’s easy to keep your glass balustrade nice and clean so you can enjoy a clear view at all times. Simply squeegee off dirt as needed and spritz with a little bit of lemon oil on occasion to prevent hard water build up or opt for our permanent EnduroShield protective coating that eliminates cleaning time by up to 90%.

Added Safety

In many ways, a glass balustrade is also safer than a traditional balcony railing. That’s because, with its frameless and solid design, there are no spindles with gaps in between them. With traditional railings, the gaps between these spindles can be large enough that a small pet could accidentally slip through, or a curious child’s head could even become stuck. With a frameless glass balustrade, you’ll never have to worry about these risks. Instead, you’ll have a solid, durable, and beautiful barrier between your balcony and the wonderful view beyond.

Reduced Wind

Last but not least, depending on where your balcony is located, a glass balustrade could also provide you with some much-needed shelter from the wind, allowing you to get more use and enjoyment out of your balcony space. Often times, winds on balconies (especially those on high-rise buildings) can be very unpleasant, but a glass balustrade will provide you with the barrier that you need to protect you from the wind. This is something that a traditional balcony railing simply cannot due because of its design.

Choosing the Right Balustrade

Do all these benefits have you interested in the possibility of having a glass balustrade installed at your home? If so, then of course you’ll want to find the right company to rely on for installation. Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further than Aqua Vista Glass for all of your glass balustrade needs. Whether you’re looking for a frameless or traditional glass balustrade, you can be sure to find what you need. You can also get a free, no-obligation consultation to get a better idea of the potential cost of your new balustrade.

As you can see, so many benefits come along with having glass balustrades on balconies. From enjoying a better view and increased safety to reduced wind exposure and everything in between, glass balustrades are an excellent choice. Contact us today to discuss your glass balustrade project.

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