Beautify Your Pool With A Frameless Glass Pool Fence

20 October 2015

If you have a pool on your property, then you know just how important it is to ensure that your pool area is safe for people of all ages. And part of keeping your pool area safe is securing it from unwanted use. After all, it only takes one neighbourhood child deciding to go for a dip in your pool unattended to put you at risk of a serious lawsuit. Fortunately, by installing a frameless glass pool fence around your pool area, you can protect yourself and others.

Unobstructed Views of Pool Area

For starters, a glass pool fence gives you an unobstructed view of your pool area in a way that other types of fencing cannot. With glass fencing, you don’t need to worry about having your view of the pool area obscured by railings or fence posts. This way, if somebody enters your pool area who isn’t supposed to be there, you can take action right away to avoid an accident on your property.

No Concerns Over Moisture Damage

Furthermore, unlike other types of pool fencing (metal, wood, etc.), glass is a water-resistant material that will not rot, easily grow mould, or otherwise become damaged by exposure to water over time. With glass pool fencing, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about rot or even rust/corrosion, which means you save money by avoiding long-term repairs and replacement of the fencing material itself. All fixtures and fittings used by Aqua Vista Glass meet Australian safety standards and are 316L marine grade stainless steel.

Added Beauty to the Pool Deck

Frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing is also considered to be a luxurious addition to any space, adding potential curb appeal and value to the property—especially when compared to other popular types of pool fencing. Specifically, a glass fence adds an air of elegance to any space while also serving a useful function on the property, making this a win-win for homeowners.

Durable, Hardened Material

When you choose the right Brisbane designer and installer for your pool fencing or frameless glass balustrades, you can also rest assured that your fence will be extremely durable and built to last. Specifically, when you go with a reputable company like Aqua Vista Glass for your pool fences and glass balustrades, you can always know that your fence will be installed with hardened glass that meets or exceeds Australian design requirements. As a result, you can worry less about the possibility of cracking, scratching, chipping, or other damage. Instead, you can simply enjoy the elegance and beauty of your frameless glass pool fencing.

A glass pool fence can provide pool owners with numerous benefits. From adding appeal to their properties and protecting themselves from a potential pool accident, glass pool fences are a great choice for many Brisbane homeowners. Feel free to contact Aqua Vista Glass today to find out more about what they can do for you and your glass fencing or balustrade needs.

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