Glass Pool Fencing Cost

Fully installed Frameless glass pool fencing from only $300 per linear metre.

Frameless glass pool fencing is the most cost effective type of pool fence and it’s quite simply stunning.

“The bitterness of poor Quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.” Unknown

How much does glass pool fencing cost? It is a question we often hear at Aqua Vista Glass and one we love our future clients to ask. Long gone are the days when you could quote a per linear metre price. Instead a person must way what is the most important criteria when purchased Glass Fences?

Frameless Glass Balustrade First Level Frameless Glass Balustrade Double Stair Case

First and foremost who is installing the glass balustrade? Most low cost companies can't pay for top of the line installers and instead hire contractors. While most contractors are good people they don't have their companies name on the line and it is just about getting the job done. At Aqua Vista Glass we send actual employees out to do all of local installations. These people have been properly trained and in most cases have years of experience. They have price in their work and also pride in the company they work for.

How long will my project take? This is obviously job dependent but AGV takes pride in finishing the job in the fastest time good quality allows. It is typical to see a Brisbane install completed in 3 days or less. Since our installers are doing these for only AVG, they can concentrate on getting the job done and not worrying about other stuff. Many times contractors have many jobs at once and will have to leave your install to start or finish something else. Typically they can take upwards of a week or two for completion of your new glass pool fence.

What kind of design choices do I have in regards to glass pool fencing? It really depends on the company you are dealing. Most companies have limited supply on hand and don’t carry all sizes. These companies will usually have only one type of gate hinge, spigot or handrail. Aqua Vista Glass has design technicians that will be able to show you the best options for your project. You’ll be able to choose from many types of handrails, spigots and gates. We have the different products that will suit the aesthetics of your next glass pool fence.

When purchasing a glass pool fence you definitely want to make sure that there are quality control measures in place. Many small installers don’t have the manpower or the stock to effectively check the quality. They rely on their supply chain quality initiatives and hope they are good. Aqua Vista Glass has quality measures in place every step of fulfilling an order. AVG operates with best practice warehouse and site techniques to make sure quality is protected everywhere. All AVG glass panels and components are tested at our factory by an independent testing body and exceed all industry tests relevant to Australian Standards. Our glass is sourced only from CSI certified sources, which leads to the best quality in the Brisbane area.

Stair Glass Balustrade First Level Frameless Glass Balustrade Fencing

Finally one of the most important aspects of pricing out a glass pool fence is checking out the customer service and post-sales service a company provides. AVG’s support is only a phone call away during the order, install and post order phases. As a company we are dedicated to answering the phone and knowing the industry inside and out. We have an internal sales team that is devoted to responding quickly to enquiries, orders and quotes. As a company that prides itself on being large enough to be experts and stable enough to always be here for you. The possibility of being left high and dry with the smaller shops is drastically more. Most of these places don’t have an internal team ready to address any questions or problems with your installation.

Aqua Vista Glass has quality components that are tested strenuously, a capable customer service team and a stable company that makes us Brisbane’s premier installer. You can be assured that when you install with us and stick to our recommended maintenance schedule that your glass pool fencing will look great for many years! We look forward to installing your next glass pool fence.

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