Aqua Vista Glass Supports Pay a Sack Forward

8 May 2015

Did you know you could help the homeless population of Brisbane by getting a glass pool fence installed by Aqua Vista Glass? It is true! Improving your property by making it safer and more valuable with a glass pool fence is now also an excellent way to give back to your community and help those who are in need. This is just one more way Aqua Vista Glass supports philanthropic efforts in the Brisbane area and allows our customers to enjoy the good feeling that comes with knowing you are doing something that will help those in need in a very direct way.

What is the Pay a Sack Forward Program?

Michael Stafford and Ryan Everett developed the Pay a Sack Forward program in 2013. It was developed specifically for the purpose of helping those who need it, particularly the homeless population of Brisbane and Melbourne. It has been operating in Melbourne since inception, but has only just come to Brisbane.

The way the charity works is this:

Pay a Sack Forward puts $5 sacks together to hand out to the homeless in Brisbane and Melbourne. Each sack contains water, breakfast food, toiletries for hygiene and cleanliness, and a blanket to keep them warm and offer something soft to sit on or lay their head against when they sleep or are resting.

There are donation tubes around both Brisbane and Melbourne for people to donate items for the sacks, and many local businesses participate by providing flyers or donation space to their customers.

How is Aqua Vista Glass Participating in the Pay a Sack Forward Program?

Here at Aqua Vista Glass, we will donate a sack to Pay a Sack Forward for every glass swimming pool fence we install. The installation must be complete for a sack to be donated. This means that when you purchase a fence and complete the installation with us, you are contributing directly to the betterment of the lives of all the homeless people in Brisbane. We are particularly involved in helping the Brisbane initiative, because we want all of our local people to be taken care of, regardless of their housing situation.

Not everyone can have a house, much less a house with a swimming pool. Some of us are very lucky to have what we do. We can give back to those not as fortunate as us by getting your glass swimming pool fence installed with us. The sack a homeless person receives may even give them enough hope, courage, and cleanliness to be able to get a job again if they are able to work, and pull themselves out of homelessness. Even if the homeless recipient can’t work, the sack they receive can at least help them retain some human dignity. This is something everyone in Australia deserves.

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