What Type of Pool Fence do I Need?

13 May 2015

If you have a house with a pool, you may be wondering if you need a pool fence, and if so, what type of fence will be best suited to your backyard.

Do I really need a pool fence? Well, if you have a swimming pool it doesn’t matter if it isn’t used by children, young relatives or neighbours, the answer is an unqualified yes. Queensland has made recent changes to pool safety laws after the most comprehensive audit in over 20 years. The law that once covered 11 different laws has now been condensed into one pool safety standard.

Why is it So Important to Have a Pool Fence With Kids Around?

All parents will know it’s impossible to keep an eye on your own kids or visiting children every second. Even if you don’t have children, you never know if when a child might slip in to your yard for a sneaky dip.

Whether they know how to swim or not, a child can easily get into trouble in the water. Backyard pool drownings are unfortunately all too common in Australia. It can take only moments for a child to get in to trouble in the water.

Your eyes can’t be everywhere at once, so a pool fence is a must. A properly constructed pool fence ensures the safety of any child who has access to or might gain access to your swimming pool.

Are There Any Other Reasons to Get a Pool Fence?

If you are going to sell your house or expect to at some point in the future, an attractive pool fence may increase the value of your home. It will also satisfy compliance requirements for selling a house with an existing pool. The new Queensland pool laws, coming in to effect on 1st November, 2015 require the seller of a property to produce a pool compliance certification to prove their swimming pool has been certified to meet the new safety standards.

Glass pool fences are especially valuable in the real estate market. They are classy and elegant in appearance and give your home a thoroughly modern look and appeal. Buyers love them, and they offer the utmost in safety because they are nearly impossible to climb. The clear, unobstructed views they offer also make these types of fences attractive home additions for buyers.

A pool fence will also keep some animals out of your pool, too. While it may not deter birds or insects, most other animals will not get past a fence, especially a glass one. Some animals, like dogs are surprisingly attracted to swimming pools. Once they jump in however they can find it hard to scramble up over the sides to get out again. With no one around they could quickly become exhausted from treading water and drown. A quality glass pool fence will make sure you never have to deal with this potential situation.

Pool Fences–A Few Additional Things to Consider

If you have a swimming pool, a quality, compliant fence is a must have. You can choose from lots of fence types, but a frameless glass pool fence from Aqua Vista Glass will provide you with peace of mind, a unique selling point for your home and beautiful unobstructed views. Contact Aqua Vista Glass today to talk about your ideal glass pool fence.

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