EnduroShield® – 90% Less Cleaning for a Decade!

2 October 2017

The best way to keep your new glass pool panels crystal clear with the least effort is by specifying EnduroShield® for them. The Aqua Vista Glass factory-applied EnduroShield® panel coverage is so robust that it carries a massive 10-year warranty. That’s a decade of worry and trouble-free glass pool fencing that maintains that ‘just installed’ look the entire time. Once applied, EnduroShield® really is the absolute leader in protective glass care, preserving the view and value of your new pool fence, taking only a fraction of the time usually required to keep the glass clear.

Repels Water

The protective barrier that EnduroShield® creates is a chemical bond which is see-through and water repellent. Chlorine, salt and soap residues just bead and roll off the panel the same way rain does on a freshly polished car bonnet. This means that not only will you save money on cleaning chemicals, your actual cleaning time will be reduced by so much that you’ll hardly notice it! The occasional hose down and wipe with a microfibre cloth is all that is periodically needed, and an optional quick squeegee to finish.

Why does EnduroShield® work so well?

All glass has a porous nature to it and hidden in its seemingly smooth surface are minute imperfections which attract and lock in minerals, bacteria and other deposits which are not able to be removed easily as time passes. The glass is unable to return to its original clarity as the deposits build up, clouding the panel.

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Why choose EnduroShield®?

  • Up to 90% less cleaning time compared to uncoated glass
  • A huge 10yr warranty
  • Heat and UV resistant
  • High resistance to scuffs and scratches
  • Applied in a controlled environment at the AVG factory by trained technicians
  • Only one microfibre cloth and/or a squeegee is required to clean
  • Prevents cloudiness, staining, build-up of natural and chemical deposits
  • Environmental friendliness – no chemical cleaning required

Adding EnduroShield® to your order

Talk to the AVG sales team on (07) 3861 9977 about the benefits of EnduroShield®.

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