Is Aqua Vista Glass Pool Fencing Durable and Safe?

1 July 2015

You know you love the look of glass pool fencing. It is sleek and modern and gorgeous. It can also increase the value of your home because of its attractiveness. But is it durable and safe? That is a big concern for many Australian home owners and renovators, because you are legally responsible the safety of your pool. You will be happy to know that when it comes to durability and safety in glass pool fencing, you can’t go wrong with Aqua Vista Glass’ glass pool fences.

What Makes Aqua Vista Glass Pool Fencing So Special?

At Aqua Vista Glass, all of our glass pool fencing panels are hardware are manufactured to Australian Standards. Depending on the type of glass pool fence you choose, it may even exceed Australia’s safety standards. Getting your pool fence certified will be a breeze when you choose Aqua Vista Glass installation service.

Our glass is thick and tough, while still being crystal clear and practically invisible until you are up close to it. We use only Grade A toughened safety glass which is 500% stronger than normal glass so it is far more resilient to knocks and extreme weather conditions.

Frameless glass pool fencing is kept in place by solid and secure stainless steel spigots at the bottom of the panels, while semi-frameless glass pool fencing is secured by stainless steel posts and glass clamps. The glass panels are independently tested to ensure they can withstand extreme forces so it’s almost impossible for the fence to come down, regardless of any children or pets running into it. It is simply unbreakable by most means.

Specs for Aqua Vista’s Glass Pool Fencing

If you need any more proof of just how safe and durable Aqua Vista Glass’s glass pool fencing is, these specs for the glass used in the fences will convince you.

  • Glass fence panels are usually between 10 and 12 mm thick
  • All glass used in Aqua Vista’s pool fencing is a clear, toughened safety glass.
  • The glass is impact-resistant, so even flying objects in a storm are very unlikely to shatter it.
  • Glass panels are a minimum of 1200 mm high. With the spigots, the minimum height of a glass pool fence is 1230 mm, which is too tall for a small child or pet to climb over on their own.
  • Our own highly trained and experienced employees install all of our glass pool fences. We don’t outsource the installation process to contractors, so we take full responsibility for our own work. We know our good name is on the line with each pool fence installation, so we want to make sure each installation and each fence of exceptional quality.

Glass Pool Fencing from Aqua Vista Glass–The Final Word

In addition to having virtually indestructible glass, you get the benefit of pool safety when you use our fencing. Smooth glass cannot be climbed, and there are no gaps between the panels for small children or pets to sneak through. There isn’t enough room for even the smallest child to crawl under the fence, and you are always in charge of the gate, so kids can’t get into the pool unless you allow it.

The Aqua Vista Glass team are familiar with all pool fences local law requirements for safety and pool fencing so getting your new pool fence will be easy. We are even arrange a certifier as part of the installation process – one less thing to worry about.

Knowing this, and knowing that our glass is among the safest and most durable in the industry, it just makes sense to get a glass pool fence from Aqua Vista Glass.

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