The Benefits of a Frameless Glass Balustrade

24 June 2015

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional stair railings and balcony borders, a glass balustrade offers a stylish option. A glass balustrade, especially one that is frameless, is not only fashionable; it is sleek and modern looking. It is perfect for anyone who wants a “movie star” look to their house, while increasing their home’s value at the same time. Buyers love frameless glass enclosures. The look is a coveted one, and you can get it for far less than you may imagine.

There are many tangible benefits that go along with a frameless glass balustrade besides increasing your home’s value on the seller’s market and looking fabulous. These benefits are enhanced when you use Aqua Vista Glass’s frameless glass balustrade. As the leading provider of frameless glass balustrade in Brisbane, Aqua Vista’s products have advantages other companies can’t offer.

For example, the glass Aqua Vista uses in its frameless balustrades is tough. In fact, it is made from a Grade A toughened glass that has been heat-soaked, making it virtually indestructible. It won’t shatter if a child or pet runs into it, and it is virtually storm-proof. Even Australia’s strongest storms and the projectiles they can send flying are highly unlikely to crack or break this extra durable glass.

The stainless steel hardware that holds the glass panels in place are top quality and look stunning next to the clear glass, when the pieces are visible at all. Some of the pieces are virtually hidden in their placement, making it look like the balustrade is holding itself up. It is a magical look that you and your guests are sure to appreciate.

You can always be sure of the safety of your glass balustrade, as well. Most balustrade glass is 12 mm thick. Each panel is stamped with an Australian license number indicating it meets or exceeds Australia’s government safety standards and building codes.

There are a number of handrail options to choose from with your balustrade, as well. Depending on what you like and what goes with your decor, you can choose such things as top-mounted rails (which blend into the balustrade seamlessly to offer a free and clear view), and slim side-mounted rails that can be affixed to walls that are already in place around the stairs or balcony, or to the posts at the either end of the balustrade. You can always have exactly the look you prefer when working with Aqua Vista Glass.

In addition, your glass balustrade can be cut to any size or shape, which allows you to give your house a unique and totally customised look. If you want extra privacy, the glass can also be frosted. Plus, the frameless glass balustrades offered by Aqua Vista Glass can be integrated with any existing stairway, balcony, deck or patio.

If you want the best in balustrades, choose a frameless glass balustrade from Aqua Vista Glass. It will exceed your expectations in so many ways.

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