Practical Uses for Glass Balustrade

14 July 2015

Don’t you just love the way glass balustrade looks when it is professionally installed? There’s something about that clean, clear glass look with the smooth, straight lines that is just so appealing.

You too can achieve that same professional quality look when you have a glass balustrade installed by Aqua Vista Glass. We are the most experienced, sought after glass company in Brisbane, and we offer balustrading of all kinds, including pin-fixed, semi-framed, and frameless, and all are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We are confident you’ll love your glass balustrade from Aqua Vista Glass.

Here are some practical ideas for your next glass balustrade project.

A glass balustrade can be installed in virtually any place that needs a barrier of some kind. Some of the most common places to install a glass balustrade include:

Around a Balcony

Australian building standards require balconies to have a barrier and handrail if they are more than 1.2 metres from the ground. Glass balustrading works beautifully for this purpose. It looks fantastic and so modern. If the balcony is more than a story off the ground, it should be also made from grade A toughened glass which is far more resilient to breakages and unlikely to ever cause injury to children, pets, or people on the ground.

Fortunately, all Aqua Vista Glass balustrades use grade A toughened safety glass for superior safety. We also have a range of handrails suitable for our frameless glass balustrade range.

Around Entertainment Areas

Glass balustrades around patios and outdoor areas are both practical and beautiful. They can be used to separate your backyard areas, without obscuring the view. Home buyers love glass borders, so a well placed and installed glass balustrade can also increase the value of your home.

Alongside Stairs

If your stairway has an open side, a glass balustrade will add beauty and safety at the same time. There are a number of different types of handrails available and Aqua Vista Glass can also custom create handrails and fittings to match any existing areas. Keep children and pets safe, and remove the possibility of falling objects from up high when you install professional grade glass balustrades from Aqua Vista Glass on your stairs.

As a Unique Border

Glass balustrades can be used to create gorgeous borders in any part of your yard. Use it as fencing around the front of your house, the back, or the entire yard. Use it to border paved, stone, or grass walkways or to outline garden areas of your yard. It is beautiful wherever you use it, and its creative landscaping applications are limited only by your imagination.

When you want to do some decorating that is beyond the ordinary, consider installing one or more glass balustrades in and around your home. You will always be glad you did it, as the results are so stunning and attractive. When you selling your home, you might also attract a higher price!

Contact Aqua Vista Glass today to discuss your balustrade ideas and you’ll talk with a professional who can guide you through the process of getting exactly what you want and need with ease. We’re ready to beautify your home with a frameless glass balustrade and will ensure it is 100% compliant with all building standards and safety requirements. Contact us to get started.

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