The Pole House – The Ultimate Glass Balustrade

5 August 2015

It took more than five years for the renovation, but now one of Australia’s most unique houses has been completed. The stylish facelift was undertaken on the iconic pole house, which was originally constructed in Fairhaven in 1978. It was recently torn down so it could be replaced with a glass and steel structure. The new interiors and retracting glass walls extend from floor to ceiling to take full advantage of the beautiful views from Lorne all the way to Aireys Inlet. A feature wall made from burnt ash timber provides privacy for the bathroom in the structure.

The original architect of the house, Frank Dixon, was at first a little sad that it would be torn down, but the idea of rebuilding and modernising it made him more at ease with the changes. His vision would remain with the creation of the new, renovated building, which is now available for rent. With such amazing views and appeal of such a unique place, it will likely be rented out frequently and thoroughly enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Glass balustrades have been used to transform the walkway to the newly completed home, so as visitors approach the house, they feel like they’re walking in the air. A couple of other structures on the property were also torn down, to provide a completely new, fresh look for the house.

Frameless glass balustrade at the front, though, really sets off the property. If you’re looking for the same kind of style for your home, you can get a glass balustrade installed from Aqua Vista Glass, to really set off a particular area of your home. While they aren’t for everyone, these balustrades can provide a high level of beauty and elegance in nearly any home or commercial building, making them a great choice when you want something modern and unique. A frameless glass balustrade can even add a touch of modern elegance to an older home.

Balcony borders and stair railings help define the look and feel of a house, and having a frameless glass balustrade can make even a small space feel much more open and welcoming. With glass balustrade, , you can be confident that the value of your home will be benefited by choosing a stylish glass look for your stair railing or the border around your balcony. The glass is strong and durable, so you won’t have any worries about chipping, cracking, or breaking. Whether you live in your home for years or decide to sell it to another buyer, the timeless elegance of your glass balustrade from Aqua Vista Glass will be a wonderful addition to an already great home.

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