Summer is coming! Tips on dragging your pool out of winter hibernation

18 September 2017

After suspending your swimming pool activity over the winter months, you’ll soon need to be back in ‘pool mode’ as spring and summer approach. Let’s take a quick look at some strategies to employ and how to best prepare your pool for the onslaught of summer!


Cleaning: vacuum and clean the whole pool and empty the hair and lint collector.
pH: bring the pH level up to scratch and check every two weeks in the lead up to peak season.

Water Quality

Filtering: wash, clean and check the condition of all the pool filters in your set up and start running the filter at a normal rate if it was reduced during the winter.

Skimmer Basket: start emptying the basket regularly again and keep the water level to approximately 50% of basket opening.


Pump: check the operation of the pump, for leaks and condition of the general area where the pump is housed.

Servicing: re-acquaint yourself with the servicing schedule and plan your next professional service

Lighting: run your lighting system once a week to prevent any accumulation of moisture and check exposed earthing wires for damage.

Pool Area

Pool Surrounding: ensure no loose pavers or uneven ground has appeared over the winter.
Ladders: check ladders and steps for corrosion, rot or decay.

Pool Fence

Cleaning: give your glass panels a pre-season clean with warm water and vinegar in a 50/50 mix. If your panels have EnduroShield®, then simply hose them off and squeegee as usual and use a microfibre cloth if you find a problem area.

The Gate/s

Operation: check the closing spring tension of your gate/s and the function of the latch.
Corrosion: conduct a corrosion check and lubricate with WD40 if necessary.

Is your pool area still compliant?

  •  are all gates self-closing from any angle – and also self-latching?
  •  have any objects been moved close to the pool fence during winter?
  •  are overhanging branches and plant foliage still within the regulations?
  •  do your gates remain latched when pulled or slammed shut?
  •  do you have a first aid sign visible, showing CPR methods and ‘000’ EMERGENCY hint?

Pool Rules Refresher

Safety: Involve all pool users in a rule refresher as summer approaches. Remind them about slips and falls on the wet ground, supervision and the pool depth indicators. Remind your pool users to NEVER:

  • prop open a gate or leave it unlatched
  • leave unsupervised children inside the pool area
  • leave climbable objects close to the pool or spa boundary walls – e.g. chairs or plant pots
  • neglect any aspect of pool maintenance

And Don’t Forget…

  • toys and games left in the pool may attract the attention of children
  • a person with resuscitation skills should be present at the property when a pool is in use
  • the property Owner / Tenant is to maintain all aspects of pool and spa safety
  • pool chemicals should be safely stored and segregated as recommended
  • many adult pool injuries and fatalities are due to a lack of good judgement and common sense
  • air-filled and foam toys are not life-saving devices
  • water is the 10th leading cause of death for children there are said to be 40 deaths per day globally from drownings

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