Things to Consider When Planning a Pool Fence

3 June 2015
Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrades in Brisbane Queensland

A swimming pool fence is a necessity if you have children in the home. Safety is always the primary thing to consider when it comes to these fences. Whether your child knows how to swim or not, no child should ever be left unattended around a swimming pool. A frameless glass pool fence that only you can open ensures your child or children will not get into the pool without your knowledge. However, there is more than just the presence of children in the home to consider when installing a glass swimming pool fence. Here are some other things you need to take into consider when you plan your new glass pool fence from Aqua Vista Glass.

1. The Type and Style of Fence

It is important to consider the aesthetics of your proposed pool fence. While it is highly unlikely that your local community would have strict rules on the type of design you have planed for your pool fence, you should at least attempt to blend it with your current landscaping or home design. If your home is situated amongst other, modern homes, then a sleek glass pool fence from Aqua Vista Glass will be a perfect fit.

You also need to consider the environment the fence will be in. If you live in an area with particularly hot summers or very cold winters, you want your pool fence to be made of materials that will stand up to those conditions without being damaged by their environment. Consider the environment the fence will be in. If you live in a cyclone prone area, you will need to check the wind rating of the materials used. All Aqua Vista Glass pool fencing have been tested to comply with Australian Standards and are all force rated. Our consultants will be able to advise on the best type of glass and hardware for weather conditions you are subjected to.

Ocean facing properties will also need to consider the effect of salt water and vapour on the materials used. You may consider having your glass coated with Enduroshield to help protect it from salt build up and make cleaning easier. Ensure all hardware used is high quality stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion.

2. The Fence Gate

When planning your fence, make sure the gate is designed to open away from the pool, rather than toward it. It should also close and latch on its own when you push it. This keeps kids from being able to just push the gate open whenever they want to. Little kids probably won’t be able to figure out how to undo the latch, and ideally should not be able to even reach the latch. When children are older, make sure the gate is designed so you can put a lock on it to which only you have the key. This way, your children won’t be able to access the pool without your knowledge and permission.

3. The Height of the Fence

Any glass pool fence needs to be at least 120 cm in height. It must be tall enough to prevent small children scaling it and also difficult for older children to climb. Remember to keep common backyard items, like chairs and tables away from the pool fence so they can’t be used to climb over the glass pool fence.

The glass panels must be close enough together that an average sized child cannot slip between them. Always check local regulations and guidelines to ensure your pool fence adheres to local law. If in doubt, an Aqua Vista Glass consultant will be more than happy to advise on Brisbane’s new swimming pool fence regulations.

When you take these things into consideration before building your pool fence, you will have an attractive fence that is child-safe and will serve you well for as long as your children are small. These are musts when you build a pool fence, so be sure to include them in your fence planning and construction.

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