Increase Your Home’s Value With Attractive Glass Pool Fence

20 May 2015
Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrades in Brisbane Queensland

Do you have a swimming pool at your home? Did you know you could significantly increase the value of your home by adding a glass pool fence? It is true. Even though a pool is considered a luxury, adding one or having one will not necessarily increase your home’s value on its own. However, increasing the visual appeal of your pool area can add serious value to your home’s value. Landscaping is one way to add this value and the other is by constructing a frameless glass pool fence around it from Aqua Vista Glass. Buyers love glass pool fences. If you have a fence of a different material and are planning on selling your home at some point, you would do very well indeed to remove it and replace it with glass.

Why Are Glass Pool Fences So Attractive to Buyers?

Buyers love glass pool fences. They make the pool area of the home look like it belongs to a movie star, especially if the fence is a frameless one. Frameless glass pool fences do not use vertical poles to hold up the solid panes of thick glass that make up the fence. Instead, practically invisible bases at the bottoms hold up the panes. Most people never even see them. It just looks like the pool is surrounded by luxurious glass. It is a sleek, modern look at is full of class, elegance, and style. Your pool area will look magazine-ready when you have a glass pool fence around it.

Additional Safety With Glass Pool Fences

Another attractive feature of glass pool fences is their exceptional safety. The panes that make up the fence are thick and tough, with polished, rounded edges. They are also stamped with their Australian Standards number, so you know each pane is made to the highest safety specifications and meet with all government regulations. These panes of glass will not break easily.

Children will not be able to run into the panes and break them (and possibly get cut on glass shards). Storms are not likely to knock them over and shatter glass everywhere. Because they are solid panes, children and most animals cannot climb them. Not only are glass pool fences amazingly attractive, they are also incredibly robust and offer you the pool safety that needs to be suitable for children and pets to be around all the time. They can play on the patio or pool area without you having to be concerned they will get in the pool without your knowledge. Buyers will love this additional safety feature of your home when they are considering buying it. This additional safety will allow you to ask much more money for your home and be quite likely to get it.

Glass pool fences are the perfect addition to your home if you are looking to sell. Contact Aqua Vista Glass today to talk to us about the frameless glass pool fencing we can provide.

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