Why You Should Consider Frameless Pool Fencing

15 May 2015

Frameless pool fencing is impressive in appearance and superior in structure. It is the perfect modern look for any home and pool area, while maintaining absolute safety for any children in the home. Frameless pool fencing by Aqua Vista Glass meets all Australian pool safety standards and looks glamorous at the same time. If you want a safe pool that looks like it could belong to a movie star, you definitely want to consider frameless pool fencing.

Safety and Durability Are Top Priorities

Just because the fence is made from sheets of glass does not mean it is flimsy or easily broken. With the glass fencing you get from Aqua Vista Glass, you will be provided with top grade, 12 mm thick glass that is very tough with rounded edges. Each glass panel in the fence comes with a stamped logo with its Australian Standard License Number. You can’t get a better-looking, safer glass fence in all of Australia. There is no danger of running children breaking through it or storms knocking it down and creating a shattered glass hazard. This glass fencing holds up to just about anything.

What Makes Frameless Glass Fencing Different from Other Types of Pool Fencing?

Frameless glass fencing is literally that…pool fencing that does not have a frame. Unlike other styles of pool fence there are no poles to hold the glass in place. Aqua Vista Frameless Glass Pool fence panels are fixed at the bottom, with invisible placers. The panels of glass are lined up with each other to provide a smooth, seamless look around your fence with no frame to take away from the gorgeous view.

You can see directly through the glass to your pool, so your line of sight to it is clean and visually appealing. It is a sophisticated, modern way of decorating your pool and ensuring the pool area is safe for any children in your home or who come to visit.

Is There Any Other Benefit to Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

Frameless glass pool fencing will greatly enhance the value of your home. If you are looking to sell soon, or know you will sell it at some point, this will allow you to get a lot more money for it than you would without the glass fencing. Buyers love the modern, clean lines and sophisticated, elegant appearance of this type of pool fence.

If you are looking for a way to add class, safety, and additional value to your home, frameless glass pool fencing is the way to go. Check out the amazing range of stunning glass, and frameless glass, pool fencing and balustrades from Aqua Vista Glass.

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